GPS Tripy-S technical specification

Brings together more than ten years experience, acquired on numerous major rallies, in Western Europe. As for all Tripy equipment, it is produced in Belgium at Tripy SA with total quality control and constant maintenance.


Ultra-rapid installation without external aerial or power cable
The GPS is attached to the windscreen in 30 seconds
Several days battery life


   • Automatic accident detection
   • Technical and safety alarms, both automatic and manual
   • Data continuously backed up in the GPS and on two separate servers
   • Communication from Race Control to the Tripy-S screen
   • Control of the rally on the Race Direction’s control panel, tablette and PC
   • Waterproof
   • Very long battery life (several days)


   • Follow competitors in real time
   • Latest generation GPS modules with both very high sensitivity and great precision
   • 4 GPS constellations (US, EU, RU, C)
   • Constant checking of satellite reception quality
   • 4G tracking
   • Display of official rally time (by pressing on TIME button)


   • Unlimited number of specials and timekeeping points
   • Increased precision thanks to latest generation GPS module
   • Speed checks (for each second of the route covered)
   • Check of the route covered by the competitor
   • Choice of GPS screen display (status, official rally time, organisers info, etc.)

Weight 280 gr
Thickness 32 mm
Screen size 42 x 19 mm
Real size of GPS Tripy-S 118 x 79 mm
Absence of external aerials, all located at the rear of the GPS which must be orientated towards the sky.

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