Technical data

Technical data and lexicon

What information do we need to programme your rally ?

4 pieces of information are required:
    • The entire rally track with the rally WPs (CH, CP, DSS, ASS, FF, DZ-FZ, etc.)
    • The descriptive lexicon of waypoints corresponding to the rally control points and for each waypoint a precise mechanical distance taken with a correctly calibrated            odometer.
    • The rally timing (start time in special of the first competitor, estimated time of the last competitor, for each special)
    • An entry list and race numbers

For regularity rally organisers we recommend our GPS Tripy II ref 8200 pack, with a connector and an external GPS antenna so as to optimise reception quality. Before using the GPS it is imperative to let the GPS capture satellites signals while stopped, in an open sky for 15 minutes before moving!
Receive our PDF tutorials for a successful reconnaissance :

   CH           Time control
   CP           Passage control
   DSS         Start of special
   ASS         Finish of special (intermediary finishes, ASS1, ASS2, ASS3…)
   RT           Regularity Test
   ZR           Regularity zone
   FF           Flying Finish
   DZ           Flying Finish
   FZ           End of speed limit zone (FZ30, FZ50, …)
   VMAX     End of speed limit zone (FZ30, FZ50, …) 

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