What data to transmit to ?

Send us an email with the following information to receive an estimate of the precise rental costs:
   • A rally, on what dates, for what timing?
   • Number of days
   • What quantity and category of vehicle?
   • What GPS Tripy RS functions are you interested in (timekeeping, tracking, speed checks, digital display)
   • How many specials do you plan to run?
   • Are you using any tracks or specials in the form of a loop?
   • How long is the rally in kilometres?

   • In what country will the rally be run?
   • Timing of scrutineering ?

The equipment can be fitted by Tripy staff or by your own stewards.
A deposit is required either from the organiser, or the competitors, so that material is returned immediately after the event. In the case where Tripy staff are present on the event their accommodation and catering costs must be covered by the organiser.
Complete technical information must be sent at least 4 weeks before the event starts. Our rally schedule is very full and it is best to check as soon as possible the availability of our equipment and service

What is this technical data?
   • The complete route with all the important waypoints (start, finish, speed zones, etc.)
   • A names of these points and the distances of each waypoint.
   • The precise timing of the rally.
   • List of drivers and race numbers.


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